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ZCell 10.0


Redflow Batteries 
Hybrid flow battery
Zinc-Bromine Electrolyte Deposits Zinc from electrolyte to charge.
Returns Zinc into electrolyte to discharge
Interconnected tanks with one overall fluid reserve operating in two density states
Sealed System - ten year expected stack life
Warranty Details
ZBM2 warranted stack life of 10 years / 36,500 kWh regardless of cycle depth. For
example 3650 cycles X 10kWh - or any other combination to the same total.
The Stripping Process
Key to a the long operating life and capacity retention 3-4 hours total time offline (‘stripping’) to remove 100% of deposited Zinc from electrode stack 
Currently required every ~ 4-10 operating days (duty cycle dependent and automatically optimised based on activity level)
BMS orchestrates cycle timing and coordinates amongst multiple ZBMs to achieve chosen energy availability and generally avoid the maintenance cycle having customer impact 
Some battery installations may require a battery ‘Bootstrap Kit’ to support maintenance cycle period (depends on choice of inverter/charger brand)